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Man claims woman misled him over paternity of child

Child support is money sent to the parent of a child in order to ensure that said child is cared for in an appropriate manner. If there is any question that a child may not be the biological offspring of an alleged father, then a test is usually ordered to confirm paternity. There are resources in Maryland that can assist parents who are unsure of the process of confirming paternity or collecting child support monies.

Reasons and ways to establish paternity in Maryland

There are several reasons why a father may need or desire to claim a child as his own. Conversely, there are also reasons to contest paternity if one questions that a child is his own. In Maryland, there are ways to establish or refute the biological parentage of a child.

Man facing uphill battle to prove paternity and claim daughter

There is an old saying that if something can go wrong it will. One man in another state who has been fighting to prove paternity and be granted custody of his child would likely agree with those words. He clams his only goal is to better himself so as to provide a proper home for his daughter. There are probably many Maryland parents who have had to face a few obstacles of their own when trying to be the best parent possible.

Why does establising paternity matter?

There are those who may not think that legally establishing the identity of a child's father is important. However, there is a lot that could be lost by not taking the time to establish paternity. This week, this column will address why confirming paternity does matter and how, in the state of Maryland, parentage can be determined.

Is it possible to challenge paternity?

Establishing parentage is a big deal, not only in Maryland but elsewhere as well. Doing so will determine who is to take responsibility for financially supporting a child, who is allowed to have access to a child and who may be granted custody. There are those who may not agree with paternity findings, though. Is it possible for these individuals to challenge paternity in court?

Answering a divorce petition -- what must be included?

As numerous couples in Maryland and elsewhere make the decision to end their marriages, there can be a lot of confusion about what both parties must do to get the process started. The divorce process generally starts when one spouse files a dissolution petition. This petition is then served to the other spouse, known as the respondent. He or she then must decide if or how to respond.

What are the different ways paternity tests can be performed?

There are numerous cases in Maryland that require paternity tests be performed for custody or support reasons. Paternity testing comes in a few different forms. It is up to both the mother and potential father to determine what form of DNA testing is best for their specific situation.

Maryland paternity: What is an affidavit of parentage?

In Maryland, paternity can be established in one of two ways: through genetic testing or by volunteering parentage. For fathers who are ready to willingly accept parentage, an affidavit of parentage must be signed. By doing this, paternity can be recognized fairly quickly, allowing fathers the ability to fight for time with their children.

What do I need to know about filing a paternity case?

Before taking any sort of legal action, it is not uncommon for people to have a lot of questions. This is certainly true for family law matters -- such as addressing paternity issues. Filing a paternity case in Maryland may seem difficult and confusing, but assistance is available to help resolve the problem as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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