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Man verbally threatens several over child support

When parents end their relationship, there are usually several issues that need to be decided as far as their children are concerned. One of the foremost important matters, after custody, is who will pay child support. Once a family court orders the payment of such monies, the majority of parents make every attempt to stay current. If Maryland parents struggle in this regard, they can request a modification.

New law regarding child support may survive change in government

Whenever there is a change in government leadership, there is always the chance that recent laws may be overturned or changed in some fashion. However, the recent rule regarding some aspects of how child support is paid may survive the recent shift in the government. Maryland parents who may benefit may be hopeful that the law remains unchanged.

There are many methods a state can use to collect child support

Many parents may feel that getting through a divorce may be the hardest part once the decision to move on has been made. However, there are situations when making or receiving child support payments may be even tougher. While Maryland has many tools it can use to collect these essential monies, the state is not alone in getting creative regarding past due payments from non-custodial parents.

Former special forces soldier forced to pay child support

It takes toughness of mind and body to be accepted and then succeed as a member of the Green Berets. However, there are some aspects of life that may prove to be even harder to overcome. One man survived 21 years in the special forces but is struggling to be relieved of baseless child support payments. While he does not reside in Maryland, his story may be of interest to those in a similar situation.

Some parents in Maryland could get help with child support

Non-custodial parents often have a tough row to hoe since they may have limited time with their children but still have financial obligations that must be met. Some parents find it even more difficult when they face monetary difficulties, thereby making it challenging to pay their child support. However, a recent change in a regulation may benefit some Maryland parents who are falling behind in their payments. 

Father jailed over child support

Financially supporting one's children can be challenging at times -- as money can be tight. However, non-custodial parents in Maryland and elsewhere who are ordered to pay child support still must meet their obligations, even if they are going through economic hardships. Failing to do so could have serious consequences.

Inmates may soon receive child support relief

Currently, there are approximately 29,000 inmates in federal prisons across the country who are ordered to pay support to their children. Unfortunately, these individuals tend to fall far behind on making child support payments due to their lack of incomes while they are removed from society. When they are released from prison, they are coming out with massive debts owed, which certainly puts a damper on them getting their lives back together. However, a proposal has been submitted for approval that would grant current and former inmates in Maryland and elsewhere some financial relief.

Q and A about receiving child support in Maryland

For parents in Maryland who are seeking child support orders, it is normal to have question about how everything works. There is a lot of information out there that can be quite confusing and makes the whole thing seem rather intimidating. This column will try to address some common question parents looking to receive child support may have.

Father facing criminal charges for failing to pay child support

A business owner and father in another state was recently criminally charged for his failure to make support payments for his children. While this may seem extreme, when a non-custodial parent is behind on child support payments, whether in Maryland or elsewhere, facing criminal charges is a very real possibility. It is simply one of many forms of enforcement that custodial parents may turn to if needed in order to collect.

Q and A about paying child support in Maryland

When it comes to making support payments for one's child, it is normal to have quite a few questions. After all, child support payments have a significant impact on quality of life for both the paying parent and the affected child. This column will address some issues specific to child support paying parents in Maryland.

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