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Child custody dispute leads to arrest of mother and uncle

The decision to have children is one that the majority of parents do not take lightly. However, resolving which party should have primary physical child custody in the event of a divorce or separation also deserves due consideration. Many Maryland families may have discovered that resolving this matter may require input from a neutral third party in many cases.

Lawmaker wants courts to explain child custody ruling

For many couples, the decision to divorce may be one of the most difficult decisions either one has ever made. However, determining how to raise the children afterward may be even more difficult. Maryland families do have resources to turn to when they are struggling to work out child custody arrangements.

Fathers' support groups want equal child custody time

Divorce changes many aspects of daily life, not just for the parents, but for the children as well. Often, one of the hardest decisions may be deciding who gets primary child custody. Many Maryland families have had to work out their own parenting plan after their divorce and may have consulted with an attorney to do so.

Child advocates warn that child custody guidelines need revamped

Once a family has been through a divorce, most parents take care to place the needs of their children first. While the issue of child custody can often be a contentious issue, the majority of parents trust the family courts to ensure that the health and safety of their children will be a priority. Unfortunately, some child advocates conducted a study that appears to show that children can wind up in the care of a parent who poses a threat to their well-being. The 24-month study included Maryland families as well as families in eight other states.

Brad Pitt fighting for joint child custody

Divorcing couples in Maryland may find that nothing about the process is easy. It is emotionally trying and can be financially challenging for some. If children are involved, child custody matters can create a number of issues that only prolong finalizing everything -- such as in the highly publicized divorce between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. This issue seems to be the only thing left with which they must come to terms.

Several arrested over child custody dispute

Unfortunately, whether one resides in Maryland or elsewhere, disputes over custody arrangements are fairly common. Recently, several individuals in another state were arrested after taking a child from her father. The child's grandmother, mother and at least three others have since been charged with interfering in child custody.

What steps are involved in child custody and visitation cases?

Custody and visitation cases can be rather involved. After all, at the end of the day, parents and the court just want to make sure that the best decisions regarding the affected children are being made. For parents in Maryland, there are several steps involved in settling child custody and visitation cases. What exactly may some parents be asked to complete before such cases are finalized?

What does child support have to do with one's credit score?

Meeting certain financial obligations is not always easy when money is tight. Unfortunately, the failure to do so can have a strong, negative impact on one's credit score. What some non-custodial parents in Maryland and elsewhere may fail to realize is that child support payments can actually make or break credit scores.

Child custody and visitation, what is the difference?

For couples in Maryland or elsewhere with children who are going through divorce or separation, it can be difficult to determine the roles each parent will play going forward. Child custody is often a contentious topic of conversation, one that can take time to resolve. There are even cases in which awarding custody to one parent may not be ideal.

Changes in circumstances may warrant child custody modification

As people cannot see into the future, making decisions based upon current situations is common. Things happen, though, making the need to alter plans necessary. This is true for a number of things in life, including child custody cases. Parents in Maryland may find that modifying child custody orders may be necessary down the line.

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