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child custody and visitation Archives

What to do if a child chooses the other parent

Divorce isn’t just stressful for the couple involved; it can also be extremely difficult for their children. Children and teens may be confused or upset by such a major life change and might not understand why divorce happened. Because of this, they might blame you, which is heartbreaking for any parent.

Child custody problems can become serious in a flash

Child custody and visitation issues will be a prominent part of any divorce for parents. Usually the parents can figure out custody and visitation before it goes to court. The parents agree that joint custody is what's best and they work on it from there. However, there are some cases where the relationship between the parents is very contentious, or there could even be abuse involved. In these cases, joint custody isn't possible, and there can be some very anxious and tenuous custody arrangements that follow.

Dealing with custody or visitation interference

Raising a child is difficult enough on its own, but if you and your spouse decide to file for divorce, the task of raising your child becomes much more difficult. Depending on the custody arrangement, you or your spouse may have sole legal custody or physical custody -- or both. But in many cases, the two splitting spouses will share custody in a joint custody arrangement. In these cases, there is a lot of post-divorce communication and scheduling that needs to be done to ensure that your child is properly taken care of and it make sure that you and your spouse are receiving the appropriate input and time with your child.

How interstate child custody is handled

Child custody is a topic that could spawn thousands of blog posts. It is a complicated and emotionally-charged matter that is of great concern to any parents who are going through with, or have completed, a divorce. Today, we want to focus on just one of the many possible issues connected to the idea of child custody: and that is interstate child custody.

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