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How to investigate harassment claims internally

There are few times when your business will face a major crisis. The way your business responds can greatly impact your reputation with your employees and the public. These moments may present you with the most stressful business decisions you will ever have to make. Harassment claims are one of those times.

The many reasons why business litigation is tricky

Litigation has become an accepted part of our world. Some may argue that we are an overly-litigious society, but the merits of that argument aren't the point. People are susceptible to lawsuits when they act negligently or run afoul of the law. When other people get injured due to their recklessness; when they fail to obey family law arrangements and orders; or when they fail to take care of their premises; then there is always the possibility of a lawsuit.

Viacom and Charter end contract dispute after reaching agreement

Charter and Viacom have reached an agreement to end their dispute over TV cable channels that are provided by Viacom to Charter's customers. The agreement comes just a few days after their current deal expired on Oct. 15. Unfortunately there is not much information about the details in the new agreement in our source article, but this is a big deal for many customers who have Viacom. In addition, it is a big deal -- literally and figuratively -- for the companies involved too.

Equifax breach leads to class-action lawsuit for business owners

The Equifax breach has been an ongoing and developing story over the last couple of weeks. This breach leaked the information of hundreds of millions of people, possibly leaving their credit scores vulnerable to identity theft. The breach could affect many people for years to come, and some of those people are business owners. That's why a class action lawsuit was filed today on behalf of 28 million business owners in the United States against Equifax.

RadioShack bankruptcy complicated by lawsuit against Sprint

You don't see many RadioShack stores anymore, and there's a reason for that. A couple of years ago, the company filed for bankruptcy, and they filed for bankruptcy again (a Chapter 11 filing) in March. As part of that filing, they teamed up with Sprint to ensure the company's future, but it came with a cost. The physical space that RadioShack had amassed over the years had to be shared with Sprint.

Poland Spring in hot water after class action lawsuit

Did you know that the Food and Drug Administration has guidelines that define how "spring water" is obtained and sold? It's true, and this is a central premise of a bizarre yet interesting lawsuit involving Poland Spring Water, which is the best selling bottled water in the country.

Owner's divorce leads to business complications

Our blog is about two topics: business law and divorce. Today, we have a story that combines these two topics in a highly controversial and combative lawsuit. The story isn't from here in Rockville, Maryland, but it concerns any business owner who fears what could happen if his or her business becomes entangled in their personal divorce.

Apple, graphics card supplier locked in contract dispute

Imagination Technologies Group, a tech hardware company, disputes Apple's version of events when Apple said that they had informed Imagination over the last couple of years that they were "winding down" the relationship between the two companies. Apple previously used Imagination's graphics cards in their phones, but the announcement of the end of the relationship by the beginning of 2018 dealt a huge blow to Imagination's stock price.

Patents are very complicated, so be prepared

A couple of months ago, we wrote a post about trade secrets and businesses. Trade secrets are vital pieces of information that can make or break a company's future. Along the same lines as a trade secret, patents can dramatically impact the future of a company. A patent legally protects a non-obvious and new invention from other individuals and companies who would copy your idea and use it for their own gain.

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