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Meeting minutes are an essential business protection

If you aren’t already keeping track of what happens in every meeting, you could be leaving your business exposed. Minutes can help you, your employees and your stakeholders understand how important decisions contribute to the overall goals of your company.

Not only is note-taking good for efficiency, but it is a valuable legal protection as well. Should a dispute arise in the future, both parties can review the minutes to reach an answer quickly.

Minutes should highlight every decision and key point of the meeting, but there are a few subjects that are most crucial to record, including:

  • Names of attendees
  • Date and time
  • Which tasks were assigned to each person
  • Agreements and negotiations
  • Results of voting on actions
  • HR-related conversations, such as wage or hour changes

Whether the meeting is with an individual employee, a team, a potential partner or the board of directors, these notes act to prevent lawsuits. After the meeting, you should provide a copy of the minutes to the attendees and file a copy for your records. Following the same format for each minutes may also help you find information quickly

However, it is easy to write down the ideas and topics that excite you the most and leave out the items that do not. This unintentional filtering could lead to confusion or even disputes down the line.

This is why business owners should appoint a minute-taker who is able to remain impartial. Your secretary should also be able to determine the important information and leave out unnecessary details. The attorneys at Bromberg Rosenthal LLC are available to record accurate, effective minutes to provide legal security for your company.

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