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Your divorce attorney may ask for these documents

Don’t be surprised by the amount of paperwork necessary for a successful divorce case. Although gathering documents at the start of the divorce process can seem like a monumental chore, your efforts will pay off when it’s time to divide assets.

In fact, you could even track down this information before your first consultation. While it’s usually not necessary to gather all records before your meeting, these documents will give you and your attorney a better understanding of your financial situation.


You should obtain a copy of your prenuptial or postnuptial agreement if you made one at the start of your marriage. This will provide a foundation for understanding which assets you might and might not receive. However, you can also discuss challenging your agreements in court with your lawyer.

Financial records and appraisals

The bulk of your documents will explain your financial history, including income, taxes, debts, investments and property. You can begin collecting statements, paystubs and bills to serve as evidence for your circumstances. The court will almost certainly require this information, so getting started with organizing early can help speed up the process.

Insurance policies and benefits

Assets like retirement accounts and insurance benefits reveal what your ex-spouse would stand to lose in the future. You will need to request copies of your insurance policies and The judge will consider the value of these assets when deciding what you will receive.

Wills and trusts

Your ex-spouse may have to be removed from your estate plan. Your lawyer can help you revise these documents as well as your Advanced Healthcare Directive as soon as possible to make sure that your assets land in the right hands.

If you and your attorney have all the information you need, you will be well-equipped to tackle the asset division process. Some of these documents might be difficult to track down, however, so ask your lawyer if you have special obstacles or concerns.

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