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The many reasons why business litigation is tricky

Litigation has become an accepted part of our world. Some may argue that we are an overly-litigious society, but the merits of that argument aren't the point. People are susceptible to lawsuits when they act negligently or run afoul of the law. When other people get injured due to their recklessness; when they fail to obey family law arrangements and orders; or when they fail to take care of their premises; then there is always the possibility of a lawsuit.

For as much risk as there is for an individual in this litigious atmosphere, it is equally risky, or even riskier, for businesses to run afoul of the law. Even if you toss out the context of "running afoul of the law," there are many different legal areas that businesses need to watch out for. Consider some of the following:

  • Simply forming a new business is a complex and tricky step that few people know how to handle initially.
  • Financing your business and dealing with stockholders is difficult.
  • The agreements you have to make to protect yourself and your business -- from buy-out arrangements, to non-competition agreements, to trade secret litigation and patents -- are all complicated legal situations.
  • You could run into disputes with your employees, or have legal problems regarding employment.
  • And you could have legal issues with other companies -- and even partners.

All of this leads to one critical point: businesses need legal support too. At Bromberg Rosenthal, we are skilled and committed attorneys that can provide the legal advocacy and counsel that businesses require.

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