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Discussing paternity, a complex family law topic

An issue that can often be ignored in the general conversation about family law and divorce cases is the concept of paternity. Paternity, on its surface, is a simple concept: someone is deemed the father of a child. But legally speaking, there can be some complicated situations with paternity, and when a divorce is involved, there can often be contentious issues at hand.

To begin, paternity is often established voluntarily and there is usually no dispute about who the father of a child is. When there can be a question about paternity is when the facts of the case cannot be corroborated or proven. In these cases, a DNA text will be utilized to establish who the father of the child is. These tests are highly accurate.

But paternity isn't simply for disputes. Sometimes paternity can be granted, with a title called "equitable father." This is when someone other than the biological father has established a recognized and mutual relationship with their perceived son or daughter. An example of this would be a father-in-law. 

As a father who goes through a divorce, you do have visitation claims that you can make to ensure that you still maintain a relationship with your son or daughter. And let us not forget among all this talk about paternity that mothers have rights too. Family law is a complicated area of law, and the people who are dealing issues central to the family law umbrella should discuss their case with the experienced attorneys at Bromberg Rosenthal.

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