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Child custody problems can become serious in a flash

Child custody and visitation issues will be a prominent part of any divorce for parents. Usually the parents can figure out custody and visitation before it goes to court. The parents agree that joint custody is what's best and they work on it from there. However, there are some cases where the relationship between the parents is very contentious, or there could even be abuse involved. In these cases, joint custody isn't possible, and there can be some very anxious and tenuous custody arrangements that follow.

What is important to realize when these disputes arise is that Pennsylvania law treats a child's best interests as paramount. A judge will not be concerned or worried about your interests or your ex-spouse's interests -- they will only worry about the child. This is mostly a good thing, with the only downside being that you never know how a judge will rule.

This is why it is important to engage in good-faith negotiations with your ex-spouse when custody or visitation issues arise. It may be difficult, but it is the best way to ensure that your concerns are truly heard. You and your ex-spouse can customize your arrangement this way too.

No matter the situation -- whether it involves a question of a parent's fitness, a problem with visitation rights, or a dispute over schedules and custody arrangements -- your child custody issue needs to be handled properly. With the help of the experienced attorneys at Bromberg & Rosenthal, you can rest assured your case is proceeding appropriately.

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