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November 2017 Archives

Discussing child support and its importance

Having a child is a massive responsibility. When you and your spouse raise your son or daughter, there will be myriad commitments and things you need to look out for. Over time, you will also spend a lot of money to make sure your child is educated, healthy, and happy. And in many of the same ways, if you and your spouse eventually get divorced, your child support payments will be used for the same reasons.

Tax reform threatens the alimony deductible

If you’ve been keeping up with the news in Maryland, you have probably heard about the possible changes taking place in tax policies. Congress has proposed eliminating several deductions for everything from health care to student loans, but the government now aims some changes at alimony.

Child custody problems can become serious in a flash

Child custody and visitation issues will be a prominent part of any divorce for parents. Usually the parents can figure out custody and visitation before it goes to court. The parents agree that joint custody is what's best and they work on it from there. However, there are some cases where the relationship between the parents is very contentious, or there could even be abuse involved. In these cases, joint custody isn't possible, and there can be some very anxious and tenuous custody arrangements that follow.

Discussing paternity, a complex family law topic

An issue that can often be ignored in the general conversation about family law and divorce cases is the concept of paternity. Paternity, on its surface, is a simple concept: someone is deemed the father of a child. But legally speaking, there can be some complicated situations with paternity, and when a divorce is involved, there can often be contentious issues at hand.

The many reasons why business litigation is tricky

Litigation has become an accepted part of our world. Some may argue that we are an overly-litigious society, but the merits of that argument aren't the point. People are susceptible to lawsuits when they act negligently or run afoul of the law. When other people get injured due to their recklessness; when they fail to obey family law arrangements and orders; or when they fail to take care of their premises; then there is always the possibility of a lawsuit.

After your divorce, be prepared for modifications

When a couple files for divorce, there will be a lot of work that needs to be done. Both spouses need to agree on a bevy of issues, and any that they can't agree on will go to a judge. Once finalized, the divorce agreement will rule over their post-divorce lives. Both spouses at that point may breathe a sigh of relief and think "well at least I don't have to think about or deal with that again."

So many critical issues in play during a divorce

There are so many different issues that could be at play in any given divorce, that it is hard to predict exactly how any individual divorce case will proceed. The only thing you can know is that there are myriad variables and numerous different ways that they could play out. For this reason, and it is one of many reasons, it is imperative for the divorcing spouses to consult with an attorney. Without one, they put themselves at great risk.

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