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Viacom and Charter end contract dispute after reaching agreement

Charter and Viacom have reached an agreement to end their dispute over TV cable channels that are provided by Viacom to Charter's customers. The agreement comes just a few days after their current deal expired on Oct. 15. Unfortunately there is not much information about the details in the new agreement in our source article, but this is a big deal for many customers who have Viacom. In addition, it is a big deal -- literally and figuratively -- for the companies involved too.

Viacom had released a statement earlier in the week saying that they had made good faith efforts to renegotiate the contract with Charter, but that those attempts were unsuccessful. Whether that was a successful bit of public relations work or not, the lesson here for companies is clear: contract disputes can create PR nightmares for you.

Your company's reputation can take a hit -- justly or unjustly -- simply because you are involved in a contract dispute. Whether you are negotiating with another company, a union, or individual employees, a company is always at risk if the negotiations go south or if the PR surrounding the negotiation turns against them.

This is why dealing with contract disputes in a thoughtful, diligent, and compliant manner is crucial to your success as a company. If you are in need of help, may your company be a large corporation or a small business, then you should consult with an attorney.

Source: STL Business Journal, "Charter, Viacom reach tentative agreement in contract dispute," Angela Mueller, Oct. 18, 2017

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