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On military divorce and the need for legal help

Imagine a typical divorce. In fact, forget that we even said "typical" because no two divorces will be the same. Just imagine a divorce. If you were to go by stereotypes, you are probably imaging a couple with children, and the two spouses are angry with each other. They can't go on like this, so they decide to file for divorce. They have to deal with child custody, child support, property division, estates, marital assets, and numerous other issues.

Now imagine this exact same scenario, but make one of the spouses, or both of the spouses, members of the military. Suddenly, that already complex divorce just got a whole lot more complicated.

Military divorce deals with all of the same issues that non-military divorcees deal with, but there are some added factors to consider. First of all, jurisdiction and geography play a huge role in military divorce. Where are the spouses right now? Are either of them deployed overseas or at a base for training? Are they in a remote area? Can they even receive communications?

Then consider the different types of assets that are at play in a military divorce. There are survivorship benefits, military pensions, and numerous other unique assets that other couples that are not in the military would never have to consider in their divorce.

All of this is to say that military divorce is complicated, and those that are going through this right now need to consult with an experienced family law attorney.

Source: FindLaw, "Military Divorce," Accessed Oct. 6, 2017

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