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October 2017 Archives

Viacom and Charter end contract dispute after reaching agreement

Charter and Viacom have reached an agreement to end their dispute over TV cable channels that are provided by Viacom to Charter's customers. The agreement comes just a few days after their current deal expired on Oct. 15. Unfortunately there is not much information about the details in the new agreement in our source article, but this is a big deal for many customers who have Viacom. In addition, it is a big deal -- literally and figuratively -- for the companies involved too.

On military divorce and the need for legal help

Imagine a typical divorce. In fact, forget that we even said "typical" because no two divorces will be the same. Just imagine a divorce. If you were to go by stereotypes, you are probably imaging a couple with children, and the two spouses are angry with each other. They can't go on like this, so they decide to file for divorce. They have to deal with child custody, child support, property division, estates, marital assets, and numerous other issues.

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