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The prenup conversation: be prepared and take it seriously

A couple of months ago, we wrote a couple of posts about prenuptial agreements. They dealt with the many things you can and can't include in this contract, as well as the many ways that someone could successfully challenge a prenup and get part, or all, of the prenup struck down. Today, we want to continue talking about prenuptial agreements by confronting the most obvious part about them: the discussion that needs to be had between two spouses.

When you and your loved on are getting married, it is natural to start thinking about making legal contingency plans for your assets, property, and legal rights. Having a conversation with your spouse about a prenuptial agreement can be very beneficial, even if you don't end up drafting or signing a prenuptial agreement.

Just having the conversation itself will allow the two spouses to confront some critical matters in their relationship. Finances, property, assets, estate plan management, and, yes, preparing for a possible divorce -- all of these things can and probably will come up when you talk about a prenup. Discussing these things allows you and your spouse to learn about each other and can help the two of you better plan for your future, even if you don't get a prenup.

If you are going to talk with your spouse about a prenup, it is best to prepare yourself for many different topics. If you do end up deciding to get a prenuptial agreement, then you should consult with an attorney.

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