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Don't go it alone when a divorce looms

Many people have an innate desire to try to get tasks done on their own. Eventually, in many cases, these people realize that having help along the way greatly simplifies the process and it makes it much easier to accomplish. This applies to many things in life -- especially divorce.

Some people go into their divorce proceeding thinking that they can do it on their own. But without a lawyer, they leave so much to chance. There will be processes and issues they have never dealt with before. 

Consider the fact that you have to draw up motions and petitions to actual begin and finish the legal proceeding known as divorce. During that time, you will have to communicate with your spouse's attorney and the courts to make sure you eventually have a divorce arrangement in hand.

That divorce arrangement could contain myriad issues and legal matters that will likely be foreign to you. Have you considered all of the aspects of child custody? What about child support payments or even spousal support payments? Have you negotiated property division disagreements before? What about a prenuptial agreement and the impact it can have on the divorce? And, of course, how would you handle enforcing the divorce agreement or modifying the agreement after the fact?

It behooves every spouse going through a divorce to consult with an experienced family law attorney to make sure their case is being handled appropriately. At Bromberg Rosenthal, we will help you get a handle on your divorce and advocate on your behalf during the proceedings.

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