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Chef sues producers over alleged TV program IP theft

The following story happened outside of Maryland, but that doesn't mean it is irrelevant to our state. A chef in Denver, Frank Bonanno, concocted a public access television program called "Chef Driven." He had two producers that help him with the endeavor, and they worked under the film studio name "Left of Frame." However, after shooting two episodes, the two producers moved forward with the show while soliciting other chefs.

Bonanno is now suing the two producers, Aaron Colussi and David Broad, on a number of grounds. The first is that they owe him $23,000 in unpaid production costs for the show. The second is that the producers tried to shoot episodes without Bonanno in them, leading to his charge that they are violating his intellectual property rights.

Intellectual property is vital to the success of companies and individuals alike. Your intellectual property carries immense value, and when others try to replicate IP or improperly use your IP, then you need to invoke and uphold your rights. If you are in need of help in this regard, then you should consult with a business law attorney with experience handling intellectual property cases.

It will be interesting to see where this particular case goes from here. Will Bonanno's claims be found to have merit? Or will the producers claims that Bonanno's account is false be upheld? Only time will tell, but the big takeaway from this story is the importance of intellectual property in the world of business.

Source: Business Den, "Local chef sues N.Y. producers over TV show license," Amy DiPierro, Aug. 3, 2017

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