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August 2017 Archives

Don't go it alone when a divorce looms

Many people have an innate desire to try to get tasks done on their own. Eventually, in many cases, these people realize that having help along the way greatly simplifies the process and it makes it much easier to accomplish. This applies to many things in life -- especially divorce.

Poland Spring in hot water after class action lawsuit

Did you know that the Food and Drug Administration has guidelines that define how "spring water" is obtained and sold? It's true, and this is a central premise of a bizarre yet interesting lawsuit involving Poland Spring Water, which is the best selling bottled water in the country.

The prenup conversation: be prepared and take it seriously

A couple of months ago, we wrote a couple of posts about prenuptial agreements. They dealt with the many things you can and can't include in this contract, as well as the many ways that someone could successfully challenge a prenup and get part, or all, of the prenup struck down. Today, we want to continue talking about prenuptial agreements by confronting the most obvious part about them: the discussion that needs to be had between two spouses.

Chef sues producers over alleged TV program IP theft

The following story happened outside of Maryland, but that doesn't mean it is irrelevant to our state. A chef in Denver, Frank Bonanno, concocted a public access television program called "Chef Driven." He had two producers that help him with the endeavor, and they worked under the film studio name "Left of Frame." However, after shooting two episodes, the two producers moved forward with the show while soliciting other chefs.

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