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Modifying or enforcing a divorce arrangement

It is easily to fall into the trap of thinking that once you complete your divorce, that the arrangement is done and written in stone. Since divorce can be stressful and painful, few people want to go back and revisit the circumstances of the divorce, even if the arrangement itself is an important aspect to your post-divorce life.

We say this because it is important to realize weaknesses everyone may have when it comes to approaching a stressful or unsavory topic. Your post-divorce arrangement falls into this category. It's something no one wants to go back and revisit, but it must be done occasionally.

Consider, for example, that your ex-wife or ex-husband is moving out of the state, and he or she wants to have time with your children. This is an understandable request, and it would be one that require you and your former spouse to go back to court to modify your divorce arrangement. Concessions would have to be made in order to make a new custody order work.

Also consider the possibility that your former spouse doesn't follow the rules of your divorce arrangement. In these circumstances, you will again have to go to court in order to enforce the arrangement that you have on the record.

Relocating, child custody modifications, enforcing orders: these are all examples of why you need to revisit your divorce arrangement. When you go about modifying or enforcing your divorce arrangement, make sure that you consult with an experienced family law attorney first.

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