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July 2017 Archives

Timeline: how a divorce proceeds

So you've filed for divorce. What happens now? This is a common question that people who have just filed often ask. Unless they have been through a divorce already in their life, the process will be a complete unknown to them, and they will likely have many questions about how their particular case will be handled.

Modifying or enforcing a divorce arrangement

It is easily to fall into the trap of thinking that once you complete your divorce, that the arrangement is done and written in stone. Since divorce can be stressful and painful, few people want to go back and revisit the circumstances of the divorce, even if the arrangement itself is an important aspect to your post-divorce life.

What types of partnerships can you establish for your business?

A couple of months ago, we wrote a post about the many different types of business you can establish. These types include corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, co-ops, and limited liability companies to name a few. But today, we want to dive into the different types of partnerships you can have.

Owner's divorce leads to business complications

Our blog is about two topics: business law and divorce. Today, we have a story that combines these two topics in a highly controversial and combative lawsuit. The story isn't from here in Rockville, Maryland, but it concerns any business owner who fears what could happen if his or her business becomes entangled in their personal divorce.

Apple, graphics card supplier locked in contract dispute

Imagination Technologies Group, a tech hardware company, disputes Apple's version of events when Apple said that they had informed Imagination over the last couple of years that they were "winding down" the relationship between the two companies. Apple previously used Imagination's graphics cards in their phones, but the announcement of the end of the relationship by the beginning of 2018 dealt a huge blow to Imagination's stock price.

Striking down part, or all, of a prenup upon legal challenge

Imagine that you have been married for many years, but you and your spouse decide it is time for a divorce. You remember signing a prenuptial agreement months before your wedding day, but you haven't thought about the contract much since. Now that a divorce is on the table, you review your prenuptial agreement and find that the provisions aren't as kind as you remember them being. You may even think that the document is unfair.

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