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On financial support and modifying divorce arrangements

Divorce is a life-changing legal event, and it is also an extremely stressful time for the spouses who are calling it quits. In the weeks and months that pass by during a divorce, there will be plenty of anxious moments and important discussions that have to happen. When it is all over, the participants may take that literally. "It's all over," they think. "I'll never have to deal with this again."

But divorce has a funny way of popping up again and again throughout life, even when the legal proceedings seem done and dusted. Having a divorce agreement in place may make it seem like the process is complete -- but it is an ongoing matter that you will have to tend to every now and then.

Take, for example, the concept of post-divorce financial compensation. There are two common forms in this regard: child support and spousal support. They can both benefit the receiving spouse by allowing them to live their lives and allow them to take care of their child.But what happens if drastic changes occur? As is an often occurrence, what happens when life intervenes and throws you a curveball?

For example, what if the paying spouse loses his or her job, or has a dramatic reduction in salary? How will that affect child support or spousal support? What if either spouse is considering moving to a different state? What happens if the laws in a state change with time, thus affecting a divorce arrangement?

These are all situations that must be addressed with the counsel of an experienced legal representative.

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