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April 2017 Archives

Non-competes and legal scrutiny

Companies want to protect their interests, and employees want to have assurances of their employment. These area two truths about the world of business. One of the ways that these things are maintained is non-competition agreements, often called NDAs (for "non-disclosure agreement"). A non-competition agreement prevents an employee or prospective employee from passing on critical information or trade secrets to competitors if they were to move on to a different company. It also forces a company to give the employee something in return, which is usually a job.

Protecting your trade secret a vital step

Many companies owe their success to a trade secret or a piece of information that very few people know. Trade secrets are things such as the Colonel's secret spices at KFC or the recipe for Coca-Cola. These are pieces of information that are generally not known -- at least not precisely. And their value is derived from the fact few people know the specific secret.

Recordkeeping, alimony and you

While many people call it spousal support, some are more familiar with the term "alimony." Either way, this is a form of financial compensation paid by one spouse to another spouse to ensure that the effects of divorce don't dramatically affect one spouse over another (in a financial sense). Alimony is a more negotiable element in a divorce than child custody. But once it is awarded, the people involved need t be prepared to keep track of their alimony.

On financial support and modifying divorce arrangements

Divorce is a life-changing legal event, and it is also an extremely stressful time for the spouses who are calling it quits. In the weeks and months that pass by during a divorce, there will be plenty of anxious moments and important discussions that have to happen. When it is all over, the participants may take that literally. "It's all over," they think. "I'll never have to deal with this again."

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