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Man verbally threatens several over child support

When parents end their relationship, there are usually several issues that need to be decided as far as their children are concerned. One of the foremost important matters, after custody, is who will pay child support. Once a family court orders the payment of such monies, the majority of parents make every attempt to stay current. If Maryland parents struggle in this regard, they can request a modification.

One man apparently fell behind in making his support payments and, as a result, he learned that his tax refund was to be confiscated. He then purportedly became distraught over this news and proceeded to call the local Maryland Child Support Enforcement agency and verbally threatened several parties connected to his case. He allegedly stated that he would use explosive devices to harm both his young child and his former spouse. He also threatened the agency employees, a judge and himself.

The employee who received the man's phone call notified the authorities and remained on the phone with him for an extended period of time. Law enforcement were able to locate the man's vehicle as he traveled toward the Rockville area. Police searched the vehicle with both robotics and trained specialists and did not find any explosive materials. 

The man was not yet officially charged, as Maryland officials reportedly worked to obtain a legal search warrant in order to conduct a thorough inspection of his residence first. In the meantime, the man's family has been assigned protection until this case is resolved. The majority of child support matters do not take such a drastic turn. If families are experiencing conflict in this matter or related family law issues, they can seek the advice of a professional who can provide guidance in resolving disputes before they escalate.

Source:, "Man Threatens to Blow Self Up, Harm Others Over Child Support: Police", Mark Segraves, March 2, 2017

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