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Former Governor Charlie Crist going through divorce

Marriage can be challenging under the best circumstances. However, add the pressures of a life lived under the political spotlight, and it may be no surprise that many of these relationships end in divorce. While former Governor Charlie Crist did not serve Maryland constituents, many are likely familiar with the man and some aspects of his personal life.

Mr. Crist recently announced that he has filed for a dissolution of his marriage to his wife, Carole, to whom he was married for just over eight years. The couple first met in 2007 and were wed at the end of 2008. They maintained their relationship through some difficult times as the former governor launched and lost a couple of bids for different political offices.

Mr. Crist did win a seat in the House of Representatives in the most recent election. Mrs. Crist helped run the last few election campaigns and she was hired as his campaign director several months ago. Neither party offered any further information as to the reasons that may have led to the decision to end the marriage.

The couple still maintains a residence in the former governor's state, and it is unknown if he will retain the property in the upcoming divorce settlement. Mr. Crist did remark that his personal life would have no effect on his ability to carry out his duties as a congressman. Maryland spouses who have found that a divorce would be the best solution for them may seek the advice of a family law specialist who can ensure that their interests are protected throughout the proceedings according to current state laws.

Source:, "Charlie Crist files for divorce from wife, Carole", Adam C. Smith, Feb. 24, 2017

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