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Child custody dispute leads to arrest of mother and uncle

The decision to have children is one that the majority of parents do not take lightly. However, resolving which party should have primary physical child custody in the event of a divorce or separation also deserves due consideration. Many Maryland families may have discovered that resolving this matter may require input from a neutral third party in many cases.

Recently, one family illustrated the problems that can sometimes escalate when there is no formal parenting plan in place. According to authorities, a young child was forcibly taken from his home when a relative unlawfully entered while displaying a weapon. The toddler was then kidnapped by whom police later identified as the child's uncle. The mother was also allegedly involved in the plot.

Officials claimed that it was not difficult to determine who purportedly carried out the kidnapping of the youngster. The 23-year-old relative was taken into police custody just over six hours after the 17-month-old boy was removed from his home. The child's 24-year-old mother was located a few short hours later, and the boy was recovered safely and presumably returned to his father's care.

Police have not stated what charges the mother may face in this matter, though the uncle is facing several serious charges, including kidnapping and burglary. Officials did stress the need for parents to have a legal child custody plan in place in order to help avoid these types of scenarios and to facilitate their duties in the event a parent attempts to circumnavigate such orders. Maryland parents have experienced professionals with whom they may collaborate in order to reach a satisfactory parenting agreement that best meets the needs of their children.

Source:, "Custody battle leads to kidnapping a 17-month-old boy", Jade Redinger., Feb. 28, 2017

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