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March 2017 Archives

How interstate child custody is handled

Child custody is a topic that could spawn thousands of blog posts. It is a complicated and emotionally-charged matter that is of great concern to any parents who are going through with, or have completed, a divorce. Today, we want to focus on just one of the many possible issues connected to the idea of child custody: and that is interstate child custody.

When a divorce happens, what should you do?

The question in our title may seem like a straightforward or even rhetorical one, but it isn't. Once a couple decides to divorce, there are some critical legal steps each spouse needs to take to complete the process. In addition, there are personal and behavioral steps that each spouse can take to improve their standing during the divorce process.

How does property division work in Maryland?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to property division. The two legal ideas are called "equitable division" and "community property." Community property is only used in a handful of states, most of which are on the west coast or in the southwestern United States. Community property means that each spouse gets a 50 percent stake in assets and property that are deemed "marital property." There are exemptions to this, but in general, that's the rule.

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