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Man claims woman misled him over paternity of child

Child support is money sent to the parent of a child in order to ensure that said child is cared for in an appropriate manner. If there is any question that a child may not be the biological offspring of an alleged father, then a test is usually ordered to confirm paternity. There are resources in Maryland that can assist parents who are unsure of the process of confirming paternity or collecting child support monies.

One woman recently was arrested and charged with receiving property or goods in excess of $100,000 under false pretenses. This mother purportedly claimed that a Marine, who was currently living in another state, was the father of her child. The man apparently took the information at face value, as the couple had been married. At some later point, the man was reportedly ordered to pay child support.

He later contacted the local sheriff's office and filed a complaint concerning the money he had paid. It was not clear when the child in question was tested in order to confirm that the man was the father; however, the test revealed that he was in fact not the biological parent of the child. According to the official report, the man had paid approximately $100,000 in support payments for a child that was not his.

The authorities stated that a thorough and lengthy investigation was conducted, which resulted in the woman's arrest. It was also reported that she had claimed another man living in another state was the father of her child, which slowed down the progress of the investigation since documentation from two states was required. It was determined that she had filed for child support under two separate identities. The woman purportedly posted the $100,000 bond and was no longer in custody, though she is scheduled for another court appearance soon. Maryland parents who have questions about paternity or related matters can consult with a family attorney who can explain and facilitate the process.

Source:, "Maryland woman accused of lying about paternity to collect child support", Sarah Hauck, Feb. 17, 2017

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