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February 2017 Archives

Man claims woman misled him over paternity of child

Child support is money sent to the parent of a child in order to ensure that said child is cared for in an appropriate manner. If there is any question that a child may not be the biological offspring of an alleged father, then a test is usually ordered to confirm paternity. There are resources in Maryland that can assist parents who are unsure of the process of confirming paternity or collecting child support monies.

A pet may also experience emotional changes after a divorce

After the vows to love, honor and cherish have stopped resonating in the hearts and minds of a couple, the relationship may be over. After careful deliberation, it may become apparent that the best option is to file for a divorce. In many situations, Maryland families may struggle to peacefully resolve all of the issues that need to be settled after the decision to live separate lives.

5 valid reasons why a prenup can simplify a divorce

No one goes into a marriage hoping that it will not last. Unfortunately, though, almost half of all marriages will end in a divorce. It may only be prudent to hope for the best while planning for the worst. Many Maryland residents may have been relieved that they had a prenuptial agreement drafted before they exchanged their vows.

Lawmaker wants courts to explain child custody ruling

For many couples, the decision to divorce may be one of the most difficult decisions either one has ever made. However, determining how to raise the children afterward may be even more difficult. Maryland families do have resources to turn to when they are struggling to work out child custody arrangements.

Fathers' support groups want equal child custody time

Divorce changes many aspects of daily life, not just for the parents, but for the children as well. Often, one of the hardest decisions may be deciding who gets primary child custody. Many Maryland families have had to work out their own parenting plan after their divorce and may have consulted with an attorney to do so.

New law regarding child support may survive change in government

Whenever there is a change in government leadership, there is always the chance that recent laws may be overturned or changed in some fashion. However, the recent rule regarding some aspects of how child support is paid may survive the recent shift in the government. Maryland parents who may benefit may be hopeful that the law remains unchanged.

Reasons and ways to establish paternity in Maryland

There are several reasons why a father may need or desire to claim a child as his own. Conversely, there are also reasons to contest paternity if one questions that a child is his own. In Maryland, there are ways to establish or refute the biological parentage of a child.

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