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There are many methods a state can use to collect child support

Many parents may feel that getting through a divorce may be the hardest part once the decision to move on has been made. However, there are situations when making or receiving child support payments may be even tougher. While Maryland has many tools it can use to collect these essential monies, the state is not alone in getting creative regarding past due payments from non-custodial parents.

One state recently garnished a parent's workers' compensation payments. According to the state's records, the father had not been making regular payments for some time. Now, his weekly check will be docked approximately $40 per week. In addition to the garnishment, the state also attached a one-time compensation settlement payment that the father had been expecting.

Maryland also has other methods it can employ to collect support from a non-custodial parent. These include the usual method of garnishing pay checks, lottery winnings and tax refunds. A lien may also be placed on one's home or other real property holdings. The state can also prevent a parent owing child support from obtaining or renewing a license for driving, recreational fishing and/or hunting.

A parent can also be denied a passport if he or she is behind in child support payments. There are also programs that track when a parent is employed in order to attach a portion of the pay checks so that custodial parents are able to provide for the needs of their children. While the state of Maryland makes every reasonable effort to ensure the payment of child support, there are situations that may impede a parent from sending these payments as ordered by the court. Either party can formally petition for a modification to these orders, and there are experienced professionals who can provide assistance in the process.

Source:, "State has many ways to collect child support", Phyllis Zorn, Jan. 19, 2017

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