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New year brings new resolutions and new divorce filings

Now that the holidays are over and the decorations are put away, the minds of many couples turn to a new resolution -- marriage dissolution. It is possible that once the holidays are over, many unhappy spouses may feel that it is a good time to research getting a divorce. There are likely many Maryland families who are also contemplating taking this step and seeking the opportunities afforded by a new year and a new life.

According to researchers, divorce filings rise significantly at the first of the year and then jump again in the early Spring. There may be many reasons for this jump, but one factor seems to be motivated by monetary reasons. The last month of the year is the time that many employers distribute the year-end pay bonuses. This windfall can then be counted as part of a partner's financial assets. Another financial motive may be that waiting until the new calendar year ensures that the previous year's tax filings will not be negatively impacted.

Another possible reason for the increase in those seeking to end their marriages in the new year may be because one or the other partner is no longer fulfilled in the relationship and is seeking a better life. Some professionals have suggested that it may be a good idea for those thinking about a divorce only do so when he or she is more content with who he or she is and not focused as much on how unhappy the spouse makes one feel. The general consensus is that there in no ideal time to seek a dissolution, but there are seasons when couples are more likely to seriously consider taking this step.

While January now bears the dubious name of the divorce month, September is another month when couples are more inclined to consider ending their relationships. Regardless of the season, Maryland spouses who are beginning the process of ending their marriages may have many questions concerning how to proceed. There are many resources and professionals located throughout the state who can provide information and guidance to ensure that the process is as uncomplicated and stress-free as possible.

Source:, "January, nicknamed 'Divorce Month', opportune for unhappy couples", Nicole Valdes, Dec. 26, 2016

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