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Man facing uphill battle to prove paternity and claim daughter

There is an old saying that if something can go wrong it will. One man in another state who has been fighting to prove paternity and be granted custody of his child would likely agree with those words. He clams his only goal is to better himself so as to provide a proper home for his daughter. There are probably many Maryland parents who have had to face a few obstacles of their own when trying to be the best parent possible.

This particular man has had to contend with one thing after another in his struggle to gain visitation with his child, let alone be granted custody. According to him, he did all the right things as soon as he found out his girlfriend was expecting a baby. He found employment in the construction business as a way of working to make sure he could properly support the child. However, things got complicated when the mother was allegedly found to be unable to provide a proper home for the little girl.

He states that he was involved with his baby from the beginning and attempted to establish paternity on a couple of occasions, especially once the child was removed from the mother's home. However, since he was not married to the girl's mother and every attempt to file the required paperwork ended unsuccessfully, the state will not, as yet, recognize the man as the biological parent. The mother was unsuccessful in meeting the requirements the Department of Child Services had set and she surrendered her rights as a mother.

The 24-year-old man has found an attorney to help him establish his paternity and rights as the toddler's father and they have been successful in having an allegedly biased judge removed from the complex case and getting a new one assigned. In the meantime, the man has prepared a room for the child he has not been able to see since she was one. Maryland parents also have the right to seek the guidance of a family law attorney whenever they have questions or difficulties related to establishing paternity, child custody, support or similar issues.

Source:, "'I have to try': Father suing to raise daughter caught in complicated legal tangle", McKenzie Romero, Jan. 8, 2017

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