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December 2016 Archives

Some parents in Maryland could get help with child support

Non-custodial parents often have a tough row to hoe since they may have limited time with their children but still have financial obligations that must be met. Some parents find it even more difficult when they face monetary difficulties, thereby making it challenging to pay their child support. However, a recent change in a regulation may benefit some Maryland parents who are falling behind in their payments. 

Child advocates warn that child custody guidelines need revamped

Once a family has been through a divorce, most parents take care to place the needs of their children first. While the issue of child custody can often be a contentious issue, the majority of parents trust the family courts to ensure that the health and safety of their children will be a priority. Unfortunately, some child advocates conducted a study that appears to show that children can wind up in the care of a parent who poses a threat to their well-being. The 24-month study included Maryland families as well as families in eight other states.

Father jailed over child support

Financially supporting one's children can be challenging at times -- as money can be tight. However, non-custodial parents in Maryland and elsewhere who are ordered to pay child support still must meet their obligations, even if they are going through economic hardships. Failing to do so could have serious consequences.

What happens with shared debt during a divorce?

When dissolving a marriage, one may be thinking about custody arrangements for the kids or how assets are to be divided. Many fail to consider any debts they may have, especially those debts that are considered shared marital property. In Maryland, debts, just like positive assets, may be divided between spouses in the final divorce settlement.

Don't rush your divorce case just to get it over with

Every year, numerous couples in Maryland choose to end their marriages. They choose divorce because they feel it is the best option for their situations. Once the choice to dissolve one's marriage is made, the desire to get it over with as soon as possible is understandable. However, rushing through this process may be a mistake, as you may end up with a settlement that is far from fair.

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