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Criminal accusations may affect Brad Pitt's career after divorce

It seems that Hollywood couples end their marriages quite frequently, as do many others throughout the nation. A recent article discussed how divorce has little effect on movie stars' careers; that is, unless there have been accusations of a criminal nature, such as seems to be the case in Brad Pitt's situation. Many individuals in Maryland have also faced career challenges due to allegations made in divorce proceedings.

As for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, fans everywhere have been following updates concerning their divorce. At first, the news may not have come as a surprise to many. The two may simply have been viewed as just another Hollywood couple who has chosen to go their separate ways.

Many others in Hollywood have done the same; in fact, some, such as Tom Cruise, have done so multiple times. One thing that may affect Pitt's career a bit differently, however, is the fact that there have been allegations made against him concerning possible child abuse. Reportedly, an incident occurred on a private plane, after which Jolie left and took steps to end the marriage.

Anyone in Maryland who believes that false accusations have been made during a divorce can seek to remedy the situation by discussing it with a family law attorney. Often, sound counsel and effective representation may be all that is needed to right such wrongs and preserve a concerned party's reputation. Such issues are often highly emotionally charged, and an attorney may also be able to help avoid angry outbursts and contentious debates in court.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "In Hollywood, it takes a lot more than divorce to kill a celebrity's career", Christie D'Zurilla, Oct. 3, 2016

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