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Social media: Harmless or reason to divorce?

Social media can be a wonderful way to stay connected to friends and loves ones. However, some people are finding that this seemingly harmless platform is causing quite a bit of strife in their marriages. In fact, social media use is actually leading quite a few couples in Maryland and elsewhere to file for divorce.

What is it about social media that is causing so many problems in marriages? According to various attorneys across the country, there are several ways in which social media usage can be damaging. The biggest problems appear to be that it creates a lack of personal interaction, promotes dishonesty and causes people to compare their lives to the online lives of others.

It is pretty hard to go anywhere and not see people staring at smartphones, tablets or computers. This is something that often continues at home and creates a lack of face time. It can cause couples to grow apart.

Along with reducing meaningful time spent together, some spouses are not willing to share who they are talking to online. This creates feelings of distrust in the relationship. For some individuals, engaging in such behavior may actually lead to marital infidelity.

Finally, comparing one's marriage to someone else's by what is posted online can be dangerous. Most people only share the good and grand things that they do, which can make their lives seem so perfect. Unfortunately, this can lead others to re-evaluate their own marriages.

Social media may seem harmless. For many couples in Maryland and elsewhere, the use of such sites is causing serious marital problems. There may be steps that can be taken in order to resolve any issues; however, others may find that the damage done is simply too much. Spouses who wish to proceed with divorce for this or any other reason can seek assistance. With the help of legal counsel, the dissolution of marriage can be completed as swiftly and smoothly as possible.

Source: The Huffington Post, "6 Ways Social Media Can Tank A Marriage, According To Divorce Lawyers", Carolin Lehmann, Aug. 29, 2016

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