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Several arrested over child custody dispute

Unfortunately, whether one resides in Maryland or elsewhere, disputes over custody arrangements are fairly common. Recently, several individuals in another state were arrested after taking a child from her father. The child's grandmother, mother and at least three others have since been charged with interfering in child custody.

According to reports, an 11-year-old girl was at home with her father when several individuals allegedly entered the home, forcibly removed the girl, placed her in a vehicle and sped away. The father, who has sole custody of the child, promptly called authorities with a description of the car and the names of some of its occupants. Police were able to locate the automobile, return the child and arrest those involved.

The child's grandmother was released on bond. Shortly after her release, she made a statement claiming that she and the other individuals were wrongly arrested and mistreated. However, authorities deny these accusations and say that it was she and her associates who assaulted the child's father and violated the court ordered custody arrangement.

In this particular case, even though the father had full custody, he still allowed the mother visitation rights to their daughter. After this event, though, it is likely that a modification in child custody arrangements will be considered. While it can be tempting for parents, whether in Maryland or elsewhere, who are struggling with their current custody arrangements to take matters into their own hands and defy court orders, it is better that they seek to change orders through the court system. An experienced family law attorney can assist parents in taking the appropriate steps for dealing with such matters.

Source:, "Several arrested in child custody case", Dean Poling, Sept. 27, 2016

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