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What does child support have to do with one's credit score?

Meeting certain financial obligations is not always easy when money is tight. Unfortunately, the failure to do so can have a strong, negative impact on one's credit score. What some non-custodial parents in Maryland and elsewhere may fail to realize is that child support payments can actually make or break credit scores.

Things happen in life that make it difficult to make child support payments, despite one's best efforts. When it comes to child support, some may be tempted to skip payments when funds are low; however, doing so will only have a negative impact on one's children and one's personal life in the long run. For example, children may not have their basic needs met, and non-custodial parents may face even further financial struggles by having to deal with lower credit ratings due to the missed payments being documented as late payments by credit companies.

In the year 2015, on a national level, child support debts were listed at $113 billion. This total represents a rather large number of children not receiving the funds they need and parents only hurting themselves further financially. When times are tough and one cannot make his or her child support payments, what options are available?

Non-custodial parents in Maryland who are finding it challenging to meet their child support obligations can take steps toward obtaining more affordable support orders. This can be done by seeking modifications in court with the assistance of legal counsel. Those who wish to take this step will need to supply evidence of changes in monetary circumstances. If this can be done, the court may approve a new support order that fits one's current financial situation.

Source:, "Will Child Support Payments Affect My Credit?", July 11, 2016

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