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July 2016 Archives

What does child support have to do with one's credit score?

Meeting certain financial obligations is not always easy when money is tight. Unfortunately, the failure to do so can have a strong, negative impact on one's credit score. What some non-custodial parents in Maryland and elsewhere may fail to realize is that child support payments can actually make or break credit scores.

What is one of the biggest issue in a gray divorce?

The dissolution of marriage brings about numerous issues. Simply put, it takes years to build a life together and can take time to split it apart when divorce is desired. According to reports, more couples in Maryland and elsewhere are getting divorced later in life. What is one of the biggest issues in a gray divorce?

After divorce, who is responsible for the mortgage?

When a couple, whether in Maryland or elsewhere, chooses to go their separate ways and comes to terms on asset division, those terms are documented in a final divorce settlement. One might think this means that one is released from any financial obligation toward an asset that has been awarded to the other party -- such as a mortgage. Unfortunately, the terms of divorce are only between ex-spouses.

Child custody and visitation, what is the difference?

For couples in Maryland or elsewhere with children who are going through divorce or separation, it can be difficult to determine the roles each parent will play going forward. Child custody is often a contentious topic of conversation, one that can take time to resolve. There are even cases in which awarding custody to one parent may not be ideal.

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