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Changes in circumstances may warrant child custody modification

As people cannot see into the future, making decisions based upon current situations is common. Things happen, though, making the need to alter plans necessary. This is true for a number of things in life, including child custody cases. Parents in Maryland may find that modifying child custody orders may be necessary down the line.

In order to change custody orders, parents generally have to provide evidence of experiencing a change in circumstances. For one woman, her father becoming ill and her losing his ability to help with her daughters was her reasoning for needing more help from her girls' dad. In the beginning, she was granted full custody just as she wanted and her ex was given a visitation schedule. However, when her father received a cancer diagnosis, this woman required more help and asked her children's dad to take their girls more often. This eventually led to him asking for joint custody, to which she agreed.

No one is immune to family illness, job changes or the various other things that can totally disrupt one's world. These things happen and this often means that adjustments have to be made. In cases of child custody, modifications can be sought if the changes are deemed in the best interests of the children. In this particular family's case, a father was granted greater involvement in the lives of his daughters, which turned out to be the best thing for them.

Every child custody case is different. There is no telling what the future holds or how custody arrangements will work out until they are tried. It is okay for parents in Maryland to request changes to custody orders as they are deemed necessary. With assistance, modifications can be sought so that the best interests of all involved continue to be protected.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Why I'm Letting Go: Agreeing to 50/50 Custody", Aubrey Keefer, May 27, 2016

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