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June 2016 Archives

Maryland family law: Social Security and divorce

For divorcing couples in Maryland and elsewhere, addressing current and future finances is a big part of the dissolution process. After all, no one wants to be left in a bad economic situation when all is said and done, especially those who are nearing retirement years. One's family law attorney and other specialists can help in obtaining monetary settlements that are the best for everyone involved.

Options for dealing with credit card debt in divorce

Numerous couples in Maryland and elsewhere have shared credit card debt. With past and current economic struggles that many have or are presently facing, it is understandable. Unfortunately, this shared debt can create quite a problem for those who wish to go through the divorce process.

Answering a divorce petition -- what must be included?

As numerous couples in Maryland and elsewhere make the decision to end their marriages, there can be a lot of confusion about what both parties must do to get the process started. The divorce process generally starts when one spouse files a dissolution petition. This petition is then served to the other spouse, known as the respondent. He or she then must decide if or how to respond.

Father facing criminal charges for failing to pay child support

A business owner and father in another state was recently criminally charged for his failure to make support payments for his children. While this may seem extreme, when a non-custodial parent is behind on child support payments, whether in Maryland or elsewhere, facing criminal charges is a very real possibility. It is simply one of many forms of enforcement that custodial parents may turn to if needed in order to collect.

Changes in circumstances may warrant child custody modification

As people cannot see into the future, making decisions based upon current situations is common. Things happen, though, making the need to alter plans necessary. This is true for a number of things in life, including child custody cases. Parents in Maryland may find that modifying child custody orders may be necessary down the line.

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