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Dealing with child custody and the need to relocate

Moving is a part of life. While having to move great distances is not something people necessarily want to do, there are times when it does become a necessity. For parents in Maryland who are dealing with the need to relocate and child custody issues, help is available.

Child custody matters can be complicated enough without throwing a move into the mix. Unfortunately, for work, support, new relationships and various other reasons, sometimes moving is a must. It is understandable, though, to wonder how relocating will affect child custody agreements.

The needs and best interests of the affected children will always be put first in custody cases. Parents wanting to relocate with their children will have to prove that the move will best serve the children. Parents who share custody or who have visitation schedules will have to provide detailed information about how they would like to see custody agreements work under the new living arrangements. To learn more about child custody issues in Maryland and dealing with relocation, please visit our firm's website.

No parent wants to put his or her child in a bad position, and actively involved parents certainly do not want to miss out on spending time with their children. However, adults also must do what is necessary to provide the best they can for themselves and their families. If relocating is what is needed to accomplish this, child custody or visitation orders may be modified to accommodate the new living arrangements. Getting such modifications is not always easy, though. With legal assistance, parents in Maryland who need to relocate can seek to achieve a custody order that best fits their needs and the needs of their children.

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