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May 2016 Archives

What are the different ways paternity tests can be performed?

There are numerous cases in Maryland that require paternity tests be performed for custody or support reasons. Paternity testing comes in a few different forms. It is up to both the mother and potential father to determine what form of DNA testing is best for their specific situation.

When getting a divorce, who keeps the pet?

Numerous divorcing couples across the country, including many residing in Maryland, have pets to consider. While there are those who can easily determine which spouse will get to keep the pet, there are others who view pets as though they were children. Determining child custody during divorce can be rather contentious, but how is pet custody handled during the divorce process?

Dealing with child custody and the need to relocate

Moving is a part of life. While having to move great distances is not something people necessarily want to do, there are times when it does become a necessity. For parents in Maryland who are dealing with the need to relocate and child custody issues, help is available.

Q and A about paying child support in Maryland

When it comes to making support payments for one's child, it is normal to have quite a few questions. After all, child support payments have a significant impact on quality of life for both the paying parent and the affected child. This column will address some issues specific to child support paying parents in Maryland.

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