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What is the typical divorce process?

The idea of getting a divorce can be rather daunting, especially if one does not know what to expect. While every divorce case is different, there are certain steps that are generally followed when seeking to dissolve one's marriage. For couples in Maryland or elsewhere, this is a process that can take some time to complete.

The divorce process is typically started with a legal complaint. One spouse will usually meet with legal counsel in order to create a petition stating the desire to seek a divorce. In this petition, he or she may also include the settlement terms he or she would like to achieve.

After this petition is created and filed with the court, it is then served to the other spouse. The served spouse will then be given time to respond -- either accepting or contesting the terms provided. If contested, the couple may take time to negotiate, go to mediation or even go to court to fight for what each wants in the divorce settlement.

Contested divorces take longer than those in which a couple can quickly agree to settlement terms. Depending on the specifics of one's particular case, this means that a divorce can be finalized in months or it can take years. A family law attorney can assist those in Maryland who are seeking divorces throughout the entirety of the process. With help, both parties can take all the necessary steps, regardless of how long it takes, in order to achieve settlements that serve their best interests.

Source: FindLaw, "A Divorce Timeline", Accessed on April 20, 2016

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