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March 2016 Archives

Child support Q and A

When it comes to obtaining, modifying or enforcing a child support order, it is understandable that parents or guardians may have quite a few questions. Child support can be a somewhat complicated thing. This column will to try address some of the common questions and concerns that parents or guardians in Maryland may have about child support and child support services.

Those who fail to pay child support could face jail time

There are many parents who may not realize what could happen if they stop or never pay their child support obligations. Custodial parents do have the right to pursue a number of enforcement options if child support goes unpaid. In Maryland and elsewhere, one enforcement option is a jail time.

What happens when business partners divorce?

There is no doubt about it, dealing with the family changes that accompany divorce is difficult. For many couples in Maryland, divorce does not just affect their personal lives; it also affects their professional lives. When a couple shares a business, deciding what to do with this type of asset can certainly be challenging.

Working out a divorce in court can be tough

When filing for divorce, it is certainly reasonable to want to resolve everything out of court. Going to court can be draining in a number of ways, but sometimes it is necessary. For couples in Maryland, working out a divorce in court can be tough, but with the help of counsel, it is possible to achieve fair and balanced settlements.

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