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Man arrested for violating child custody order

A man in another state was arrested after allegedly trying to take his 3-year-old son. The mother claims that she has sole custody of the child and was able to provide the court order to authorities. Sadly, child custody can get intense at times, but parents in Maryland and elsewhere can seek help with resolving any custody disputes.

It was recently reported that a 33-year-old male was accused of taking his son without the mother's consent. The mother has stated that she attempted to stop him and retrieve the child from the car but was unsuccessful. She called police the following morning and reported the incident.

Police later located the boy and his father. Initially, the man refused to return the child, but he was ultimately arrested and a family member was sent to pick up the child. The boy was returned to his mother the same day she reported him being taken. Charges are now pending against the father.

Unfortunately, there are circumstances in which extraordinary measures need to be taken in order to enforce a child support order. This particular case is not necessarily unique; parents in Maryland and across the county have dealt with similar issues. When parents disagree with custody orders they may be able to successfully seek modifications. Doing so may not always be easy or work out exactly as desired, but taking legitimate steps to modify a child custody order can be far better for one's personal situation rather than dealing with the consequences of defying a court order. For those who are interested in seeking custody order modifications, a family law attorney can help get the process started.

Source:, "Man accused of parental kidnapping after taking child from mother in Pontiac", Dave Phillips, Jan. 26, 2016

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