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January 2016 Archives

Man arrested for violating child custody order

A man in another state was arrested after allegedly trying to take his 3-year-old son. The mother claims that she has sole custody of the child and was able to provide the court order to authorities. Sadly, child custody can get intense at times, but parents in Maryland and elsewhere can seek help with resolving any custody disputes.

The financial division side of divorce can get messy

When getting a divorce, figuring out how to divide monetary assets can seem like a nightmare. There are so many things to consider beyond what one feels is a fair division of assets. For couples in Maryland and elsewhere, it is possible to avoid the common financial mistakes that are often made during divorce proceedings with the help of legal counsel and other professionals.

Divorce may take longer to complete for some couples

When a couple realizes that their marriage is over, they generally start taking steps toward dissolution. Divorce is a process that, for some, can be completed quickly and, for others, may take time. For those in Maryland and elsewhere who are working through the divorce process, but something sidelines their progress, it is okay to take care of what is needed and come back to it when ready. One woman recently shared her divorce story and how her soon-to-be ex-husband's health affected the process.

Incarcerated parents struggle to pay child support

Believe it or not, quite a few parents who are ordered to pay child support in Maryland are or have been incarcerated. These individuals are not freed from their child support obligations due to imprisonment and lack of income. Instead they generally owe the state significant sums of money upon release.

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