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December 2015 Archives

What do I need to know about getting a divorce?

A couple will go through a lot of difficult things over the course of a marriage. When the marriage does not thrive and divorce is desired, each spouse may feel he or she is in the fight of his or her life. Divorce can be messy, but it does not have to be unbearable. By understanding just a few things about divorce, couples in Maryland can swiftly and smoothly finalized their settlements and move forward.

What do I need to know about filing a paternity case?

Before taking any sort of legal action, it is not uncommon for people to have a lot of questions. This is certainly true for family law matters -- such as addressing paternity issues. Filing a paternity case in Maryland may seem difficult and confusing, but assistance is available to help resolve the problem as quickly and smoothly as possible.

More people waiting until after the holidays to divorce

A recent study has shown that more couples in Maryland and elsewhere are choosing to wait until after the holidays to divorce. In fact, divorce rates are said to spike in January and tend to peak just before April. Is there any benefit to putting it off for a few of months? The truth is that divorce is very personal, and the process of choosing when to file will be different for every couple.

In divorce, dividing property can seem impossible

Numerous couples in Maryland who are working through the divorce process may feel that there is a lot involved that can be difficult to resolve. Figuring out property division, for instance, is something that can make a divorce drag on longer than anticipated. For those who are struggling to come to fair and equitable terms, legal assistance is available.

Why does communicating child custody issues have to be so hard?

Ex-couples in Maryland who share children may find that communicating issues can cause quite a few problems. Child custody and co-parenting matters are stressful, and everyone handles them differently. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to resolve such issues peacefully.

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