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Prenuptial agreements can help in the event of divorce

Over the last several years, in Maryland and elsewhere, there has been an increase in both late-in-life marriages and divorces. For an individual who is considering getting married again, a prenuptial agreement may help protect his or her assets in the event of divorce. As it is common to have a greater amount of assets in one's older years, failing to seek adequate protections through a marital agreement could end up causing a significant amount of financial pain down the road if the marriage ends.

Getting married again or later in life can be a wonderful thing. Having companionship throughout retirement years can certainly make the time more enjoyable. However, there are numerous issues that accompany a late-in-life marriage.

Two of the biggest concerns moving forward with a late-in-life marriage are money and physical property issues. How are assets going to be treated -- marital or separate? It is normal for one to wish to preserve any property he or she brings into the marriage for him or herself and any children.

There is more to a prenuptial agreement than giving specifics about assets. Expectations for the marriage can also be negotiated and documented. By being very specific about what one wants and what protections are desired -- in the event of divorce -- having a prenuptial agreement can help a couple work through the dissolution of their marriage swiftly and hopefully allow both parties the ability to move forward financially unscathed. For those in Maryland and elsewhere, this is particularly important when in retirement years and living on set budgets.

Source:, "Issues to Consider before a Second Marriage", Paul Premack, Oct. 5, 2015

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