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Paternity testing -- what to expect

There are numerous people in Maryland and elsewhere that will require DNA testing in order to clear up any child support or custody concerns. This, for some, may be confusing and scary, however. It is completely understandable to have questions about paternity testing.

What should one expect if order to undergo paternity testing? DNA testing does require the collection of either tissue or fluid samples. When it comes to the potential father, these samples will be taken via blood or by swabbing the inside of the cheek. When it comes to children, fluid or tissue samples can be taken before or after birth.

After being collected in an approved facility, samples will then be processed in order to determine if common DNA can be found. This can take anywhere from five days to one month, depending on the type of sample collected. If there is not a DNA match, the supposed father will not be held legally liable for the child. If there is a match, though, the mother may seek support and the father may seek custody of the child.

Paternity testing is believed to be extremely accurate, giving little to no room for doubt as to whether a potential father is or is not a biological parent. DNA testing is really pretty simple and straightforward, and there are few risks involved. It can be fairly expensive; however, for those Maryland who are looking to achieve child support or custody, the cost may seem minor compared to what might be lost by not seeking court orders to establish paternity. Legal assistance is available to obtain such an order, and further help may be sought in order to resolve any custody or support concerns.

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