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Domestic violence is a family law matter

In Maryland and across the country, far too many people -- men, women and children -- are subjected to violence and abuse in their homes. This is something no one should have to encounter, but those who do can, often with assistance, break free from the abuse. For those who are married to their abusers, family law attorneys can assist with filing for orders of protection, legal separation or divorce -- among providing various other services.

Domestic violence is something that is not taken lightly anywhere. It is something that is considered a criminal offense and can result in the arrest and incarceration of an offender. Some states have laws specifically regarding domestic violence. Maryland's domestic violence laws are actually tied to the protection order laws.

Domestic abuse can come in many forms. The most well-known, however, are physical and sexual abuse. The following is a list of abuse that is considered a crime under protection order laws, which can be found in the state's family law code:

  • Assault
  • False imprisonment
  • Stalking
  • Any act that places a victim in fear of experiencing physical injury

Any of the above criminal offenses may be met with severe punishments if offenders are convicted in court. Victims of domestic violence do not have to live in fear. Maryland's Family Law Code has provisions in place to help people who find themselves in such positions escape the abuse and move forward. While it is not always easy to do, actions to dissolve abusive marriages and seek protection can be taken -- if desired. With the assistance of legal counsel and various area programs which offer help to victims of domestic violence, it is possible for these individuals to regain control over their lives and look forward to futures free of abuse.

Source: FindLaw, "Maryland Domestic Violence Laws", Accessed on Sept. 30, 2015

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