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October 2015 Archives

Take time to prepare and organize before filing for divorce

Couples in Maryland may find that there are quite a few aspects of divorce that can make the process seem overwhelming. This is where preparation and organization can be extremely valuable. Divorce, though difficult, can be tackled efficiently, with specific purpose in mind, leaving both parties prepared for post-divorce life.

Prenuptial agreements can help in the event of divorce

Over the last several years, in Maryland and elsewhere, there has been an increase in both late-in-life marriages and divorces. For an individual who is considering getting married again, a prenuptial agreement may help protect his or her assets in the event of divorce. As it is common to have a greater amount of assets in one's older years, failing to seek adequate protections through a marital agreement could end up causing a significant amount of financial pain down the road if the marriage ends.

Domestic violence is a family law matter

In Maryland and across the country, far too many people -- men, women and children -- are subjected to violence and abuse in their homes. This is something no one should have to encounter, but those who do can, often with assistance, break free from the abuse. For those who are married to their abusers, family law attorneys can assist with filing for orders of protection, legal separation or divorce -- among providing various other services.

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